Body Core Workouts – Day 6

This is the sixth exercise of our seven days series, and it’s all about body core workouts. As usual, don’t forget to do your warm up.

BENT ARM PLANK – Elbows under the shoulders, up on the toes, 1 Minute.
STRAIGHT-ARM PLANK WITH KNEE CROSSES – Snap knee across toward opposite elbow. 15 Reps/Side
SIDE PLANK/1-ARM PLANK – 30 Seconds per arm
LYING LEG RAISES – Keep lower back flat to use your abs, 15 Reps
V-SIT WITH TWIST – Lean back in a sitting position and twist back and forth. Do the same motion with your feet off the ground for a tougher exercise. 15 Reps/Side

*Repeat 2-3 times for a more intense workout
*Stretch after the workout is done

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