10 Essential Oils For Insomnia – Scents That Can Make You Sleep

Insomnia is a problem that just about anyone can suffer from at any given period of time. Insomnia can be transient and related to everyday stressors. It can also become chronic, so that nearly every night you have problems getting to sleep or staying asleep throughout the night. 6 to 10% of the US population suffers from some type of …

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9 Essential Oils For Hair Regrowth and Dandruff Control

The following essential oils, again the same ones used in aromatherapy can be used to keep your hair healthy, strong, and shiny. They help promote hair growth, control dandruff, maintain scalp health, and strengthen the hair follicles. How To Use Essential Oils For Hair Care: To use simply mix 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil (applying essential oils directly can …

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16 Essential Oil Types For Stretch Marks, Acne, Dry Skin, Rough Patches

Acne, dry skin, stretch marks, rough patches, and peeling are just some of the problems that can befall your skin. Essential oils are all natural miracles of nature that are of great use in all natural skin care. The following are some essential oils that will help with the listed problems and more. Caution: Essential oils need to be diluted …

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