High Blood Pressure

Pomegranate Juice – Best Choice For Blood Pressure and Heart

Pomegranate juice is the best choice for high blood pressure, cholesterol and Heart. Pomegranate juice is packed with vitamin C, iron, potassium and polyphenol antioxidants. The three types of polyphenols, ellagic acid, anthocyanins and tannins are significantly high in pomegranate juice giving amazing health benefits. Features: Reliable tabletop juicer Stainless steel strainer to catch pulp and seeds Removable cup for …

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Be Aware Of These 14 Heart Attack symptoms

What’s a Heart Attack? Heart attacks happen when blood stops flowing to the heart causing damage to the muscle of the heart. Heart attacks occur when blood flowing to the heart, which brings oxygen, is either completely or partially blocked as a result of narrowing of the arteries that are the avenues by which blood flows to the heart. The …

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5 Greens That Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

These are some of the best greens that lower high blood pressure naturally. Mix them well in a blender and drink daily or once in every other day. Mix Them Up In a Blender and Kick Some Blood Pressure Down *——>> You’ll Need 2 medium Size Green Apples, *——>> 4 Large Stalks Celery, *——>> 1 Cucumber, *——>> 1 Ginger Thumb, …

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Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally – Best Foods and Herbs

High blood pressure is a silent killer. If untreated, it can lead to stroke, kidney failure, and heart disease. A healthy life-style goes a long way towards being able to reduce high blood pressure, from reducing sodium intake to regular physical activity and eating the right foods for blood pressure control. The following specific remedies are often prescribed to reduce …

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10 Potassium Rich Foods That Fights High Blood Pressure

Although your body requires a certain amount of sodium to help maintain blood pressure, it also requires certain amounts of other minerals, such as potassium, to hold sodium levels in your body from getting too high. Some studies showed that, taking 3100mg of potassium supplements every day for 3 weeks, reduced systolic blood pressure by 6.9 points and diastolic pressure …

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