Minor Burn Treatment Home Remedy – Treating First Degree Burns

From boiling water splatters to splattered cooking oils when preparing a meal, the right burn treatment will help prevent damage to the exterior layer of the skin. When treating non chemical, nonelectric burns, you are simply treating a first-degree or a second-degree burn, meaning only the external epidermis has been burnt, no penetration to the second layer of skin, which …

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Natural Cuticle Cream – 3 Ingredient Cuticle Moisturizer

Having beautiful and healthy cuticles is usually as important as maintaining a soft and sparkly skin. That’s because your nails and cuticles contribute a lot to your overall beauty. Aside from being a part of your skin, cuticles also play a role in protecting your nail’s growth matrix – the part the nail that grows. This means that they also …

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Green Smoothie Recipes For Glowing Skin and Nails

Are you looking for a smooth, glowing and healthy skin? If you are, have you tried Green Smoothie Recipes? The skin is considered the largest organ in the human body. It is also the most visible of all body organs. And that’s why a lot of people spend tons of cash on skin care products. Unfortunately, cosmetic skincare products always …

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Chapped Lips Cure – Best Pharmaceutical and Natural Chapped Lips Remedies

Chapped lips is a widespread problem among many people especially during extreme weather conditions like winter or summer. Aside from the weather, dry lips can be caused by other factors like poor care of ones lips which will be discussed later in the article. Chapped lips can be cracked, flaked or sore. Chapped lips can be a cause of pain …

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Top 10 Foods To Improve Vaginal Health

Your diet affects every organ in your body – including the vagina. If your diet isn’t balanced, the body will respond with illnesses and other unwanted reactions. In the vagina, this may present as a yeast infection. There are a few foods that can help to keep the pH in your vagina balanced and keep your vagina healthy. These don’t …

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