Dynamic Lower Body Workout – Day 5

This is called the Dynamic lower body workout. Just like the Dynamic upper body workout, this exercise also involves explosive movements, variety of directions and more.

ALL EXERCISES – Perform 15 reps for each exercise
HOP SQUATS – When coming up from the squat, feet leave the ground by an inch or two
LATERAL SQUAT – Step to the side and squat down with your upper body weight over your leg
REVERSE LUNGES – One foot steps back, then lunge
LUNGE WITH KNEE THRUST – When coming up from the lunge, the back knee thrusts forward to work hip flexors
HOP SQUATS FOR INNER/OUTER THIGH – Squat down with feet wide, then hop and squat down with feet close together

*Repeat 2-3 times for a more intense workout
*Stretch after the workout is done

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